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stars even saddam held the glasses on csi maclean's something else case unfolds and the portions and they don't appreciate that have never been launched from government controlled entry russian officials venture behind the bomb one of america's notorious gun time of the prison was more than a dozen detainees ever for submitting false at the pentagon has. the boss of data collection on americans and foreigners around
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the block. the captain placed into the play at the present obama is criticized for allowing the shameful big east beach. the essay practice. lol. he cannot stop panty line. a new study by the massachusetts institute of technology enhanced challenge the white house's claims again. the seer in government the orphans of the reports say the chemical can be due to some of the ten months this last all this couldn't have been nosh on government controlled areas and aunties acs heskey is a joining us now live back high banks a style of doing that while the support guy is the result if almost three months off from investigating off researching whether the miss alice caring setting gases serial novel is
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the twenty first twenty thirteen were launched from the government sold a part of damascus now we've made an exact copy of the map which was used by the u s intelligence when they voice their concerns at. raucous will fight from this area from the area controlled by the government forces in the air in damascus well this is the area controlled by the opposition any casinos blinking yellow spots aware that these are the areas which were hit by this adding gas on the essence of this report is that. i'm the idiot researchers say that the raucous could not have been fired from the area controlled by the government simply because those are the kids were out of range on the western most point of the enemy which was hit very badly by dissenting attack is almost full km from the eastern most point of the areas controlled by the government and the bills focus of their maximum range according to the investigators according to the researches was only to
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kill my cousin if we take the hard over the area controlled by the government forces something mentioned by the us the second to john kerry in his report. this is around nine eight to nine km from the points are from the areas affected by the center and attacked there were also some areas in western go to. on the new wesley go to area which were reportedly also affected by this sudden attack but the un investigators did not reveal any environmental cool fall to the setting gas actually being fined against these territories. so basically in a nutshell. those raucous could only be fired according to those researchers from the inside this area circled in red line. we spoke to one of the oldest of this report and he was lucky not to say so we went through was two to three months worth of study to determine other types of rockets of this the week the size of the propellant. and we
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determined that the range is on the alert two km i like to make a note that the un also i come up with a range of approximate two km so this is very confusing to us in our studies and what we're trying to understand exactly what the white house and that means because right now is the stands. these rockets could have never been fired from government controlled territory. there would be far more from other rebel type of territory or a border of the contested territory. it is worth mentioning. also that this report does not attribute any blame to any of the sides in this conflict what it does though it's takes another boat to the accuracy of the u s intelligence had at some point in even speculates that president obama could've used what to think reason he seems like a very inaccurate information from the u s intelligence as a pretext for a military invasion of syria in a similar fashion as a second report to what george
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w bush did with iraq the official a washington has not yet responded to this new lake this report. i say thank you very much indeed for that report on season exceeded testy and non fat thinking they may be and was old questions of the serious chemical times but this in its hometown that the country is becoming a center of drug production with most economic activity practically nonexistent. coupled with the frustration on the group's businesses are ripening. quickly let's not take an egg and according to a recent reuters report see where has become an agent wants expose hands can ski mask and announce he is an outdoor steam engine that has come to gaunt is now preaching is dying he commands is so profitable the countries in place in london as the main proj set which still and nine two percent fall in production and announced it is lebanese officials also seized of the twelve minute details of the jungle on staff and
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the trends affecting the state's turkish authorities seized seven minute appeals made its urea which were under it is something every via repeated marine from oceana has more to this house. when you're about to enter in a fold the bus taking you want to let them know instructor has the knowledge of guangdong industry to flourish the country has become the number one and use the old and rundown at cafe don't face as if in fact take asking them and for the first manifested in the nineteen sixties and was at that time used as a medicine to treat hyperactivity and depression but it still existed and if his wife was banned in my country here in the middle east. so my ankle length table and it isn't that the defense here and not only produces more than any other country in the region but it also kept those maintain fuming study that finds race i've taken basic tools that to maintain the tour is an age in novels are in and
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the battles because it helps the people waiting for hours and hours but are also important for the race and cousins. ah those who've been living in depression and indians wore when i use for almost three years now and rolls that had been to the drop goal. the skate with euphoria. it seems that at its lucrative expecting fifteen and twenty dollars the appeal and iraq hundreds of may mins of them being taking all of track pants and evidence that they are the revenue raised to find weapons for both sides of the steering column that the un office on drugs and crime than it has been going for saying that syria which is located at the cross country and in the region has the formal time being a transit point for the drum going from the euro twenty eleven on but since the mall began a cap guns trades gone backstage and in factories are appealing the same school
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across the way and production have brains and sales and gloomy. he added that but only a foretaste is around two hundred million dollars worth of tablets must be at most in henan and tracks killing through a seaman and the need for the role the final event. the gulf countries. some open a stall in support of the three of the anthology of arabia where and on the handlers were withdrawn. it was the easiest last year with authority saying this is nothing that is ten percent of the real tired of our own could drop into the kingdom adams and selby town for keane's one of the yawning as the kiwi believes the drunks trade will only fuel the protected serene calm pick even more. i think it should be investigated the relationship between the lives of dogs. very addictive substances and her love for me as the rebels
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blooms of more more ground has the student minister and military gains more territory of the degree to which they stabilize the country even further. of the resources that are coming to syria the former western countries and from the countries that are allied with the west. in the middle east this is going to a chorus of may the rebels even more desperate and their supporters even more desperate to raise funds for the finance. so i think this is a reflection of the day the last three years. this us and nato finance the rubble war that's been leveled against the people that syria has caused tremendous amount of debts injuries. dislocation and of course the drug distribution in addition as well. and the meantime the stone nineteen eighteen the rhinestone this earring a position as the geneva to peace conference on approaching. on the divided syrian national coalition has been convening in tacky but
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displayed present the south a puzzle of a ceasefire in the second inning on two seats given that the prison each engine coupled with extensive pressure from the west as the no decision on whether the acts and see what is the peace talks the coalition's main don't have previously practiced a boy called cheney to see on many of them and is hungry people. oh yeah. delegation from all states trying to secure the release of russian citizen has been held without charge in guantanamo bay for more than a decade. it was the official level said officials are also the key in the ongoing strike before seizing up detainee said the us managed if the senate's he uses the c turkmen town reports the first time in twelve years the russian delegation spearheaded by the foreign ministry's special representative for human rights that access to visit the guantanamo detention camp the whole meeting with the sole russian prisoner
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reading in gaza killed there without charge for a decade and taking steps to push for the detainees returned to his homeland was called to the top diplomat of the visiting delegation to get the details usually go with it lol. so our trip significant urgent need to look into the trap of taking the tournament was over but i know you are planning to help you beat a great pic of people who read the best thing to be getting the feel of a candy shop. don't you go through puberty no proper investigation the copyright act of two footer. we have been due to the people to wear little bit. that will be told that they will play it all the details of the extra pressure on the west to shut down the scandalous camp was also on the agenda of
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the foreign ministry the prison has been nasty mean america's human rights and legal record both at home and abroad for years leaving the dt means that staring really into the abyss of indefinite detention and just last week the world saw the twelfth anniversary of the first detainees of the world of the war on terror being brought to the scandalous out prison camp which obama made a promise to close on day one of the white house last year the world's attention was returned to guantanamo on as the majority of the prisoner population was on hulu or strike for over six months making world headlines and really forcing the obama ministry sian to refocus on his attention at least on words for now to the detention camp. although odd plenty of bureaucratic and political reasons continue on to the used as an excuse to instead of just shutting the place down. when we visited guantanamo three months ago we found out that at least fifteen detainees were continuously being force fed before it passed on the nose wheel over key and we give the patient choice do they want help liking. which is the agent. you will. numb the area or if they want olive oil to lubricated
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the two. most of our patients have been using all well. he seemed like it. in fact some of our patients are so used to this they will. this guy which nostril they want. thus as a prisoner life. however there was a lot of secrecy were taken on a large least the standout prepared to work around the prison facilities without being able to see much of the real conditions that the prisoners women. and speaking to any of them was forced out of the question let alone seeing them out one or two of them actually for more than a minute when secrecy under which he inform around the premises also turned out to be the experience of the russian delegation as well as the teacher cannot act e mail u is for the gunk coming detainee is claimed the number of hunger strike is at the prison has a corner and that last month announced his official three in the last minute rate which was interesting to see cars or peace purity see any updates the official excuse is that the fig is and not on
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the relevant to quote more important issues like the wellbeing of the prison is on the security of american poets now that was part was when stephen smith head of the case the symbol of the detainees that he claims the us many trees he sees some painful cupcakes to try and break down into the sky the prisoner. six accused police can use on hunger strike an automatic it comes to discount so i can find it. reese really has been the most decent place to know chris's old and will still sell it the most basic human rights diseases. strike force feeding techniques and ran to him. unfortunately that is the current use of force feeding techniques
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casting aside the question of whether it's ethical core status role in a row medical association says that now unfortunately the techniques they use them in primetime on scripture is this. surfers are going to witness some of those that you still need to stop prisoners notices sometimes it is still crawling has cheated on every single time twice a day course and back up each time still forcing us to know who to credit unions and present it he said. here is a bit scary and it really is her investments. the skilled professionals have been fleeing the u s s news and the lafayette. but it wasn't running the exodus and whether the government's capable of anything in the us population decrease that's just ahead of the brain. off the i'm. and. the us. add
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really though so we'll either. privacy versus security years ago. questions that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. it's all on politics. only on rte. no the aye aye aye aye aye aye aye. am i. it seems not to
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welcome her the basic data collection by the nsa the explosion which sent shockwaves around the globe will continue in definitely in the last line during barack obama speech on the operations of the intelligence agency which introduced a number of reforms that as many safe etiquette uncle nate to privacy issues. ah see some sights around the pool. after nearly seven months of nsa disclosures present obama finally came forward with reforms to the spy agency acknowledging that the current capabilities of the essay. do leave open the possibility of abuse give them a unique power of the state. it is not enough for readers to say trust us we won't abuse the data we collect. for history has too many examples when that trust has been breached. for some system of government is built on the premise that our liberty cannot depend on the good intentions of bowls and top the president to
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address the nsa is most controversial program section to fifteen ball telephone mehta data collection basically the president no longer wants the government to be in control of these massive mega data database but that doesn't mean the president wants to get rid of all election. in fact the ball collection of virtually every american submitted data will continue indefinitely. in the new restrictions announced by the president were pouring the nsa to obtain fi support approval before searching all that madonna doesn't satisfy privacy advocates who argue that buys a court has acted and will continue to act as a rubber stamp nothing in obama's each of twenty twenty have grinned and has collected all the props and yesterday there was and the revelation of october th by your program. each buyer program was collecting objects cost literally hundreds of thousands of text calls every day are going into the indices allowed him to die to kenny cooper regarding spying on foreign
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leaders the president said he's put an end to surveillance on friends and allies. we do not say the nsa will stop spying on diplomats nothing about the nsa bridging encryption standard supports that the nsa has been breaking into the data links on google and yahoo servers. well some specific reforms were introduced. how exactly they will be implemented moving forward remains to be seen especially since the state government agencies that have overseen a massive growth of the surveillance tape another one's past. with a rain event in washington as the sensex part in. michael kong president and general counsel for the national whistleblower center says many she has alot of an end to the press and speech the real thing that the american people are looking for is what are you going to do when you have a whistleblower like mr snowdon who has critical information that america the above or right to know. he did not address that issue. it's being swept under the rug instead i think in a fair
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view of what's going on. it is to merely window dressing covering up the abuses that have been identified. who's to say there are lot more abuses have occurred that have been identified. cos there's no chapel for it the nsa whistleblowers to make their allegations war of no in any way. so what. at best it's window dressing gets punched a lot to congress to try to fix the problem that it addresses in no way how the american people have a right to understand the abuses of our government. russia's national come to tear it to me she says seven medicines in case you'd be telling on holding caleb operation that began in the morning in russia's southern republic of dagestan is reported to the other now security forces have been a gay station with an innocence in the house they had been holed up in a while but beyond group trying to break this record just one east which natasha towns one of those killed was the week out of a pontiff who is said to
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be preparing lessons at a time. his knees beside the ministers were behind friday's win a few tracks on a restaurant on the likely be honest. injured at least sixteen people. elsewhere on this on a russian citizen was among twenty one people killed in a suicide attack in the ambien council. three you and what is under represented from baking to manage the funds were also among the dead one beloved himself at a restaurant popular with officials and diplomats the interior ministry's has gone on skilled team the gunman mph going to still be paying me. the town was named as possible is that the scots with police and the spanish capital madrid or as evidence of redundancy with don street is in the northern seat of the ideas and westpac dropped that applies to read the raid which the coastline is a waste of limited resources. a
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devotee of riots have been reported across the country forcing the mail that gets depressed. my friends karen and has initial reports israel gets to west to find a listing is increased fourfold a few thousand one hundred times on the athenians were carried out on israel and the last eight days. read more about the threats was sent this experience stay on at once. also a lot in a tiny scene and then building into a bikini sequels america's decision to send open the gate leads to the wind to gain since the peak. this coat extortion tell the full story get the four star runner up on our website right from the sea i
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couldn't picture. the report the animal. year. the tree and maybe your spouse is growing economy but its population has been spoiling me and the hounds on the zito the country of blaming government the pigeons auntie schools called coaster with one. so today is one of thousands of workers to leave the bbc. destination is perhaps surprising the new eu states. well in azerbaijan loses his newest of the slow slower life is always hard but in this country it's harder as the government is much more concerned by politics than economics and the life of the common man surgery isn't the only one who will cry and says that these population is shrinking by over sixteen thousand
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people behind me. i feel i'm not alone in his government are squeezing everybody was wanting more and more from us for less money. between two thousand and nine in two thousand and twelve. these population fell by around ten percent. the country of eighty two million people this decline in shock and felt especially since they are leaving mostly of working a hitch. the major workforce mails from twenty to forty going fine job role and then with their families. this leaves just older people this demographic shift is a significant economic challenges. the government says he's keen to try and tackle. maybe just looking there is a government program to return people to latvia but it doesn't bore you to carry two people to return to the stillman with fulham. p anyway and it is to create new tools and a suitable atmosphere for investment. but it isn't happening all over the next twenty years the population will decrease another. so sleep is desperately trying to embrace the warring trend
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the message from the sport of things with blocks for life elsewhere. the scene. it was to soil the sitting government has to stop its aggressive social policies and lower taxes so that you live. we don't seem to find out what the news that stokes county. latvia. i did not encounter these vein of mainz germany said yes aye aye the room. the majority of congress are now millionaires for the first time in history according to the center for spots of politics which is pretty insulting than the average american's not doing so well financially the scenes that make a pledge of rich guys rule the country which they cut into one could argue that congress is a quick spin off first off duty inflation million dollars is not as much as it used to be special in the cost of a campaign to
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get in the congress costs around one millionsix hundred thousand dollars city of million dollars of net worth may sound pretty rich to you or me but the expensive game of us politics these guys can even afford the costly and again the work electoral campaigns are a bit of money affairs was no surprise that people like you and me kick it into law making business without sonny least a little piece of our souls to someone who is very deep pockets. so again the problem isn't that congressmen are wealthy is that many of them hefty cost of financing in order to maintain their positions. it is you average folks know what your dad. they've got to buy the product. well that's just my thing i rmb me you use. use. use. to do. father
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i meet a couple jill and john daly. they plan to retire they went to the beat thailand among many many places they said well this is the place. i'm very end of the baum there have been off and on iraq. here are all winter they each can all be looking to build on what's in those doubts. strange also missing something. well miss something. and about two to having a social formation six iranian state so that's why taiwan. the case of jail what happened to her. she was rescued dogs and you get out of material and intellectual. all flights were conducted. i'm a couple of years later. um well he was on the bus as usual somebody helping themselves to. two goals with such a tragic tale. i laughed about
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that informs mean accomplishments that she is silent. she was named the occasion of the year was the first person in on a show to be a sure thing. i really big thing. a really special person. i mean when you see her. i mean it's borrow books you want to remember. she went to the time to retire now you know that's that's good that's her new life coming and it's a person that you see it and it's as if a woman made of. it's amazing that it will destroy this pregnancy as a lead they held a speech or body weight on only time in a shelter she's either totally got into medicine and abrasions the dogs to move the government says. no need for anybody to do it by herself. it's amazing to them do they. a a. i know
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the veto. but in the separate us woman and camisole about the cinema miss out. isn't that a bid to become one of the kids for an encore to be hopeful that he would. each the beach. asked she's going to hit you on the up to the ddt activity all you need. even on the screens and one heck of a boss. maybe that'll be it badminton is here. the kids were misled over so my mom agrees she still says it over
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with all but one balls as of end of this. would you do it when they drove by. he is as in his will. the hero max highlights and use their homes. we saw you i will not continue will ask the fashion capitals of the wealth effect that the seasons meant for two weeks break starts off by the name models. if the kids and some other stories on this site. mountain view the homes and buildings that ended the night. the bright side it's been wanting to sign any brains creation is on a pig. savory sweet pastry chef chris andrews at night


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